Welcome to the Promethean Playground!

This wiki has been developed to support the Interacting with Learning workshops run in Keilor/St Albans network schools. Our aim is to support teachers in using the IWB to improve student learning outcomes in their schools.

In the spirit of collaboration and sharing, we have made our wiki available to everyone to visit and view. If you are using Promethean Interactive whiteboards in your classroom/school, then we hope you find some of the resources and ideas here helpful.

NB: Some of the videos here are embedded from YouTube. We understand that YouTube is blocked in many schools and hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the videos outside of your school's filtering system.

Traditional Teaching.......what can we say?

If a picture paints a thousand words, what is this photo telling us??


Lisa Nielsen, "The Innovative Educator", wrote a blog post about the 10 no-nos of teaching with IWBs. It makes some great points.
Take a look here.