"Interacting with Numeracy" Workshop Sessions

Building on the success of the 'Interacting with Literacy' program, the 'Interacting with Numeracy' workshop is aimed at teachers who are hoping to develop their skills using the IWB in the teaching and learning of Numeracy. Come and learn about how Interactive Whiteboards can assist in improving numeracy in your classroom.

“Interacting with Numeracy” is a three-day, hands-on, professional learning program aimed at maximising the use of Interactive Whiteboards in maths. The workshop will focus on the use of the Promethean ActivInspire software. Teachers who have regular access to Promethean Interactive Whiteboards are invited to attend. Teams of teachers will find this particularly valuable. [NB. People who have not installed the free upgrade to ActivInspire, will be able to do so at the workshop]

Working with facilitators Lauren O’Grady and Debra Hicks, participants will learn how to use the IWB effectively in their numeracy program, how to find and adapt online IWB resources and be given time and support to develop their own set of resources for use with students. The group will develop an ongoing PLN [Professional Learning Network], facilitated through a collaborative online space and online tools to share their resources and links.

In more detail:

Throughout this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about,
  • Making the best use of the IWB in Modelled, Shared and Guided numeracy lessons.
  • Using the IWB to assess for, as and of student learning.
  • Accessing and using the Promethean Planet support site.
  • Useful FREE resources and other generic IWB web sites - looking at some podcasts, blogs and wikis.
  • ActivInspire software, including the personal edition freely available for student home use.
  • Modifying existing Flipcharts to respond to the needs of your students.
  • Creating your own flipcharts and resource packs that will support your term 4 program and beyond.
  • How to work with students to create their own flipcharts.
  • How to participate in our Professional Learning Network for future collaboration [utilising web 2.0 tools].

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