Numeracy Session 6
Session Outline:
  • Share our flipcharts and resources with the group and receive constructive feedback.
  • Update flipcharts or create new ones based on groups feedback.
  • Introduce PLNs - Professional/Personal Learning Network.
  • How to participate in our Professional Learning Network for future collaboration [utilising web 2.0 tools].
  • What is a wiki and how we can subscribe to this wiki.
  • Upload our resources to the wiki.
  • Discuss and browse through Promethean Planet and upload our flipcharts to the planet site.
  • Share our future plans and goals around IWB use in our numeracy classrooms.

What is a PLN?.....Professional/Personal Learning Network

When you connect and develop relationships with other educators, through a variety of ways, to support each others ongoing professional learning and create a dynamic and vibrant learning environment for all. You probably already have a personal learning network and didn't even know it!! ;)

Source: Alec Courosa

Will Richardson talks about the importance on Personal Learning Networks for teachers and students.
To see more of Will's videos, take a look at his YouTube Channel here.

For more information about PLNs, click the logo.

What is a wiki?.....Wikis in Plain English


To help you learn about wikis and how to use them, visit my Debs Place wiki here.
I have a page of Wikispaces video tutorials are here

Click the logo to search through the resource packs, flipcharts and lesson ideas at Promethean Planet.

Goal Setting.........from now on......


Begin with your Action Plan from session 4 and set some team goals to keep you moving forward with IWBs. Make sure your goals are SMART!

We will use the Shared Goals gadget in iGoogle to share and monitor our goals. iGoogle is your own customisable, personalised Google homepage. To learn more about iGoogle, visit my Debs Place wiki here.

About your goals:
  • What are our goals, team and/or personal, around using the IWB in your numeracy classroom?
  • What will your classroom look like? Numeracy lessons look like with the IWB as part of your tool set? [Visualise your classroom. What will the students be doing? What will you be doing? How will the classroom programs be organised?]


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