Numeracy Session 4

Session Outline:
  • Review curriculum planning documents/term planners for this term.
  • Discuss opportunities to use IWB and develop a Personal Action Plan for the term/year. [Goal setting]
  • In school teams, create your own flipcharts and resource packs that will support the term 4 and 2010 program.
  • How to work with students to create their own flipcharts. Why?

Action Planner

- One per person to be completed and uploaded to wiki here.

Things to Consider

What pedagogical models and/or teaching methodologies are in place at your school? How can you create your flipcharts to reflect and support these?



The e5 Instructional model.

Moving from this!

How can we teach effectively with the e5?
  • Build on what your students already know [Engage, Evaluate]
  • Make your lesson goals explicit [Engage, Explore, Explain]
  • Communicate high expectations [Explore, Elaborate]
  • Pose challenging tasks [Explore, Explain]
  • Allow students to make their own decisions [Explain, Elaborate]
  • Establish successful ways of working in the classroom [Engage]

Some Professional Reading

This paper reports on recent research at Keele University [England] funded by the Nuffield Foundation, Becta and the TTA that has shown that teachers pass through a three stage developmental process. Initially the IAWs are used as a support for traditional, and often didactic, teaching but as teachers develop fluency in using the technology and pedagogic understanding they may progress to an enhanced interactive stage when not only the presentational benefits but also the pedagogic gains are understood and maximised.

The paper reaches the following conclusion.......excerpt.....

Effective learning is inhibited where the IAW is given a novelty value by the teacher so that it becomes something different, where the physical surroundings are not conducive to IAW use and where the lesson lacks pace. It is not sufficient to argue that the use of the IAW will, of itself, bring the classroom into the 21st. century and continue to provide a visually stimulated environment. Effective teaching requires that the technology and the pedagogy are directed towards enhanced and structured understanding. ‘I love my board because it gives so much to the kids’ may be the clue that enthusiasm can be regenerated not just in the pupils but in the staff also.
[By 'IAW' they mean Interactive Whiteboard]

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