Numeracy Session 2
Session Outline:
  • Pedagogy of IWBs - Making the best use of the IWB innumeracy lessons. [IWB Learning Network Wiki]
  • Accessing and using the Promethean Planet support site.
  • Useful FREE resources and other generic IWB sites - looking at some podcasts, blogs and wikis, Delicious/Diigo

Teaching Approaches

This resource outlines Modeled, Shared and Guided teaching approaches. It is recommended that students, at different stages of their learning, experience each teaching approach depending on the topics covered and the support required for each.
For more information, see the DEECD maths web resources here.

IWB Developmental Framework
Have a look at the Interactive Whiteboard Developmental Framework and discuss with your colleagues. Where do you sit on the Framework? How can you move along the continuum?
external image pdf.png
Final framework for schools.pdf

What might best practice IWB use look like? - Click here to read our ideas.

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