Numeracy Session 1
Session Outline:
  • Welcome & Introductions/Ice Breaker- Race Pace Game

  • Introduction to the software, installs where necessary - ActivStudio software, including the personal edition freely available for student home use.
  • Look at the Promethean Playground wiki and discuss it's use.
  • Check and install the Subject Library.
  • Learning our way around the program
    • Features play time


Download your Professional or free Personal Edition from Promethean Planet

Make your classroom and ActivClassroom with Promethean’s next generation of teaching and learning software designed to work across a range of interactive whiteboards. ActivInspire is a cross-platform, single software solution, combining the functionality of award-winning ActivPrimary and ActivStudio while seamlessly integrating ActiVote and ActivExpression.
Featuring quick lesson development and customisation that enables multiple profiles to be saved for different teachers, subjects or grade levels, ActivInspire is fully compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.
Improving on existing functionality, teachers can now integrate media players, images, and audio, as well as existing resources, even if from different interactive whiteboard software or programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint™.

Two versions - here is a comparison of features .........external image pdf.png Inspire CC.pdf

ActivInspire Professional Edition

Existing Users can upgrade to ActivInspire Professional Edition free of charge during 2009 ONLY .

This is the "How To" Guide for upgrading your existing ActivStudio or ActivPrimary software to ActivInspire.

(thanks to Eliza for creating this resource)

ActivInspire Personal Edition

The Personal Edition lets teachers, students, parents, and others use the feature-rich environment of ActivInspire completely free of charge! Personal Edition users may download and fully interact with flipcharts and resource packs available on Promethean Planet, as well as fully integrate Promethean’s Learner Response devices, ActiVote and ActivExpression.

Download Personal Edition here .....ActivInspire Personal


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