Numeracy Resources

Video Resources:

Mathtrain TV Mathtrain TV Is youtube for maths students. It is a video archive of students teaching student maths via video screencasts. Screencasts can be easily made using the Video recorder function in Activ Inspire.
Brightstorm Maths Brightstorm is a support site for students where teachers put up video solutions and support for secondary maths problems. As a teaching resource it is a wonderful place to observe other teachers teaching mathematical concepts.
Links Illustrated Lessons Illustrated lesson site
Teacher Tube YouTube for teachers

General Resources:

Interactive Maths is a site laden with Promethean and other resources, developed and maintained by Rex Boggs - Rockhampton Queensland
Maths Kit - Simon a NSW teacher has create a great site which puts many of your most needed numeracy resources in one spot
An example journey - Simon's journey into using an IWB for high school mathematics
Maths Links Secondary Maths Links
Maths online Maths Online is a high quality, independent online maths tutoring program based on Australian state curricula for Years 7 - 12.
Stuart Dean's Maths Bundle Delicious Links Victorian Teacher's maths resource tag bundle
Lauren O'Grady's Delicious Numeracy Links My numeracy links
Deb Hicks' Delicious Numeracy Links [Look to the other tags to get a better picture about what the site has to offer]
Fractions is a simple to use interactive site that could formulate part of lesson using the interactive whiteboard.
Leapfrogs is a problem solving activity for upper school Maths..... visually stimulating
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has a variety of Maths activitiesnumbers.png
Counton Maths Activities and Games
Funbrain Maths Arcade Games
Woodlands Junior School Maths Games
Bang on Time Analogue time
Maths Dictionary for Kids Interactive Maths Dictionary
Learning Planet Number Games

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If you are, consider becoming a fan of Promethean Planet. They update regularly and if you go to their page the New Lessons tab shows you many of the newly featured flipcharts and resources they have. Often these are numeracy focused. The Video tab has some great, short videos that show the IWB in action in a classroom, interviews with teachers and some tips and tricks. Well worth a look!
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