Literacy Session 6
Session Outline:
  • Introduce PLN - Professional/Personal Learning Network.
  • How to participate in our Professional Learning Network for future collaboration [utilising web 2.0 tools].
  • Upload resources to Promethean Planet and to this wiki.
  • Discuss Follow up session.

What is a PLN?.....Professional/Personal Learning Network

When you connect and develop relationships with other educators, through a variety of ways, to support each others ongoing professional learning and create a dynamic and vibrant learning environment for all. You probably already have a personal learning network and didn't even know it!! ;)
Source: Alec Courosa

What is a wiki?.....Wikis in Plain English


To help you learn about wikis and how to use them, visit my Debs Place wiki here.
I have a page of Wikispaces video tutorials are here

Follow Up Session:
Date: Tuesday September 1 4pm-5.30pm
Venue: VU Sunshine

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