Literacy Session 1
Session Outline:

  • Welcome & Introductions/Ice Breaker- Candy Confessions [Instructions for the original ice-breaker version]
  • Introduction to the software, installs where necessary - ActivStudio software, including the personal edition freely available for student home use.
  • Look at the Promethean Playground wiki and discuss it's use.
  • Check and install the Subject Library.
  • Learning our way around the program
    • Features play time

Ice Breaker Session: Candy Confessions

Here are a few of our Candy Confessions...
Click for Easi-Speak Microphone Information

We used the easi-speak USB microphone to record our responses to the above questions.

  • How easy was it to use the microphone and pass it around the group?
  • How you might use this technology to capture student learning/reflection?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How might this support the speaking and listening components of the literacy curriculum?

Activ Inspire - New Software for your Promethean Activboard.

Promethean Activtips:
Promethean Activtips are a wonderful way to refresh your knowledge with the tools in your Activ Inspire software. You can view these via the web here
However the easiest way to stay up to date with these tips is to subscribe to the video podcast via itunes. Clicking on this link will subscribe the podcast to your iTunes.

Toolbar Poster:
To assist you when you get back to school here is a classroom poster which identifies the main tools in the new software.
Activ Inspire Toolbox Poster

Useful Video Tutorials:

Introduction to ActivInspire
Working with Text

Resource Library

Navigation and Presentation

Customising your Toolbar


In groups of 3 could you spend sometime playing with the software and come up with 3 ways you could use 3 tools in your literacy classroom.


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