Literacy Resources

The web is full of resources that can help support our literacy lessons. Click on the following links to find some ideas, resources, flipcharts and lesson plans that will help you prepare for literacy learning in your classroom.

Finding and Using Online Images, Photos, Graphics.

Lots of links to literacy activities for the IWB. These are listed on our IWB Learning Community wiki

A few great web sites.

blue_star.pngWEB 2.0 Guru

blue_star.pngHave you seen Wordle? Paste in any text you like and create a word cloud quickly highlighting the main themes of the text. Get students to create their own Wordle clouds and give prominence to the themes they see as being significant in a text.

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If you are, consider becoming a fan of Promethean Planet. They update regularly and if you go to their page the New Lessons tab shows you many of the newly featured flipcharts and resources they have. Often these are literacy focused. The Video tab has some great, short videos that show the IWB in action in a classroom, interviews with teachers and some tips and tricks. Well worth a look!
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