IWB in Numeracy - October / November 2009

Please enjoy these IWB resources created by participants in the IWB in Numeracy workshop held at VU Convention Centre, Sunshine.

Name / Focus:
Flipchart/s Links & Brief Description:
Guess The Rule
properties - changes occur to numbers when dragged through the page. What processes are involved?
Let's Go Shopping!
‚Äč Using the four processes work through various activities to calculate the total cost of groceries and work out the amount of change etc. Can be used for a whole lesson or session starter.
The classic game of chance and addition using the IWB

Introduction to remainders in division for students in Grade 3
Subtraction stories
Personalised stories where children use hidden or drag to complete story
Count For Ten
Warm Up game for number sequencing and counting
Fractions of a group

Our Solar System
Investigating concepts of scale and their application in Space Science.
Fraction Basics
This flipchart contains interactive student centered activities to develop fraction skills. Includes: Naming fractions, Visual representations, Equivalent fractions, Ordering fractions. Can be used at Primary or Secondary Level.
friut and vegetables
basic shopping activity with fruit and vegetables to the value of $10.
Grid Coordinates
Revision sheet of grid coordinates, utilising ActiveXpression devices for students to respond to a series of quiz questions
NAPLAN - 2009 Yr 7 Number (no calculator)
2009 Year 7 Numeracy NAPLAN test (no calculator) - utilising ActiveXpression devices for students to respond to NAPLAN questions
Biggest Random Number
Students strategically fill in a place value table to create the biggest possible number.
Year 7 Short revision Algebra
Revision of Algebra skills - VELS level 4 - 5 (please note, some errors)
Graphs - applying algebra
An exercise for advanced skills (VELS level 4 - 5) for individual or small groups, to consolidate skills
Algebra Skills
VELS level 4 - 5
Algebra - balancing
VELS Level 4 - 5 Algebra - looking at the principles of balancing in algebraic equations
NAPLAN - 2009 Yr 9 Number (no calculator)
Re-work of the year 9 NAPLAN flipchart from promethean planet - addition of buttons to pages and error correction.
Who Am I?
Number Properties - Clues are given for numbers:students predict the number after each clue is exposed.
Connect 4
Quick session starter for students to play a game of connect four. Aim of the game is to get four counters in a row can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
Flash card multiplication
Using decks of cards multiply the the numbers together. Use the timer to see how long it takes students to multiply both decks of cards.
True or False Maths
Various maths questions related to the four processes. Students work out the answers in the space provided and then decide whether the question was true or false. Click on the answer button to see if students were correct.

Monster Maths Game

A flipchart of single digit equations for early years student drill and practice.
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