IWB in Literacy

Please enjoy these IWB resources created by participants in the IWB in Literacy workshop held at Taylors Lakes Hotel.

Name / Focus:
Flipchart/s Links & Brief Description:
Bush Fires Flipchart
Unit focused vocabulary development

A flipchart-photostory of photos taken after 'Black Saturday' in Victoria, Australia on February 7, 2009 where students can annotate the photos and brainstorm vocabulary and ideas around the topic.
Compound Words
Vocabulary Development

A flipchart most applicable to early primary students that introduced them to compound words through pictures and text.
Exposition Texts
The process of understanding and writing exposition texts.

A flipchart aimed at grade 3/4 students that explains exposition texts and supports students in writing their own.
How to make an erupting volcano.
Verbs in a procedural text.

A flipchart asking students to move the appropriate verb to each instruction in a procedural text around making a volcano.
Letter Blend Match
Looks at final sound letter blends.

A flipchart for students to match 'at', 'it' and 'et' words.
Predictive Writing

A flipchart activity for students at the IWB. It uses a photograph to inspire students to make predictions and write about them.
Reciprocal Reading-Burquini

A flipchart looking at the issues confronting women who wear Burquini's. The flipchart includes many photos or text blocks that need to be revealed through the translucency tool.

A blank table for students to identify and record the nouns,verbs and adjectives from a shared reading/text.
UI Words
Spelling. Focus 'ui' words for year 8.

The flipchart includes text blocks that need to be revealed through the translucency tool.
All are 'ui' words.
Elephant - Body Parts
Vocabulary, label the body parts correctly.

A flipchart showing an elephant graphic with text to label the body parts. Click on the graphic and a video file about elephants will play. Suitable for junior students and special settings.
Year 8 Text Response
Focus on parts of a text.

A flipchart focusing on selected text from "The Outsiders". It highlights the different functions of text and asks students to label the parts of a text.
Visualisation Chart
Strategy - Text Visualisation

A table showing the five senses. When reading a text, list the words that appeal to the senses. Allows for discussion around how visualising a text can help us to understand what we read, giving us a 'better picture' of the story.
Words other than SAID
Vocabulary development

A flipchart focusing on a short conversation. Students can move alternative words to 'said' into the text.

A look at ways to use common homonyms in sentences.
Organisational Flipcharts
Attendance Roll

A flipchart for junior grades. Upon arrival at school, students can move their name to the mat graphic to inidicate their attendance.

A flipchart facilitating the random selection of students for work groups.

A flipchart facilitating the random selection of students for class monitor roles. Appropriate for primary students.

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