3 by 3 by 3

In groups of 3 we came up with 3 ways we could use 3 tools in our literacy classrooms. Here are our ideas........

  1. Using the camera tool from desktop tools accessing The Age. Using an image, a headline and a caption from the article and use it as a reciprocal reading tool. Then you could use the translucency tool to bring up the headline so students can confirm and change their predictions. On a second page you could have the first paragraph and move through. You could use these tools to run a reciprocal reading class.
  2. Creating a cloze activity. If copying from a website make sure you copy as plain text so that it will work as text instead of an image.
  3. Using the camera tool to cut the animal pictures into bits.
  4. Put up a text and highlight all the verbs, nouns, golden words.
  5. Use the Connect website together with your flipchart and make connections between words/text with the dictionary, thesaurus, etc
  6. In activities and templates there are some great counting games and charts....maths tools.
  7. Similies - underline the similies in this text, stem words.
  8. Poker machine templates for literacy.
  9. Capture and image and annotate over the top showing relationships and connections.
  10. Screen capture the main screens from downloaded videos and have students recreate the storyboard.
  11. Using magnetic alphabet template
  12. Using the paint bucket tool to take verbs out and bring them back into a procedural text.
  13. Using the screen recorder to video a how to.
  14. People recording their lessons to show later.